Transition of Care: Transitioning to In-home Care for Your Older Loved One

Transition of Care

Transition of Care: Transitioning to In-home Care for Your Older Loved One

Updated September 19, 2022 – As a busy adult with a dynamic life, you’re no doubt used to facing tough decisions on a regular basis. Responding to the needs of your children, your spouse and your job leaves time for little else, yet when day-to-day living for an aging loved one becomes difficult, someone has to step in and to help the situation. When you’re that someone, it is important to understand that the circumstances can quickly become overwhelming, making it necessary to seek professional assistance with transition of care.

In-home care is an excellent way to meet the many needs of your aging relative living in the Chester or Berks County area, yet the idea can present some important issues that will need to be addressed.

Your older loved one might feel abandoned, neglected and intruded upon. As the person arranging for their continued well being and quality of life, a stance of openness, understanding and compassion can help make the transition easier while serving to bring the two of you closer together.

Establishing Effective Communication

Consider blocks of time for heart-to-heart discussions. Although you may need to be the one to initiate this, once your loved one begins to open up and share feelings, you can shift to the passive role of being an attentive listener.

You may reassure them that they are not being cast aside, and that by hiring a professional respite care agency you will be freeing up your available time to them for quality interaction. Rather than running errands and performing household chores, you can spend family-style time visiting, enjoying nice weather and playing interactive games.

Explain the Situation Through Their Eyes

Your older loved one may be reluctant to concede to in-home care for fear of losing their independence. Additionally, they will no doubt long for the fulfillment of being near family, but instead struggle with isolation. Imagine the apprehension they must feel at the thought of allowing strangers into their home.

Take a moment to think about the loneliness that is inherent to getting older. Then, you can appreciate the relief you can offer them by explaining that what they are gaining through in-home care and the enhanced quality of life along with a heightened sense of companionship.

Don’t Forget About You

Making arrangements for your loved one’s caregiving and overall well-being means a deepened emotional investment. While this experience will create a more profound personal connection, it is important that you take time to care for yourself as well.

Giving your undivided love and attention to your elder family member is one of the greatest gifts you can offer them, yet the practice can be draining. Between visits, be sure to give yourself plenty of “me time” by exercising, reading your favorite author or simply meditating. That way, when you are dedicating your time to your relative, you can do so completely with calmness, patience and affection.

In-home care for older residents of Downington, PA allows family members to continue their life’s pursuits without neglecting the needs of their loved one. By choosing Relative Care, you are assured that your loved one’s well-being is the ultimate priority. Reach out today to learn how these services can benefit your older loved one and your family as a whole.

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