Art Therapy for Elderly: Benefits of Creativity

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Art Therapy for Elderly: Benefits of Creativity

Art is a universal activity. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is or what the weather is outside, if you’re feeling creative, grab the nearest seat and create your masterpiece. There are various ways to create art, whether it’s drawing or sculpting, art is entirely subjective to one’s preferences. Art doesn’t discriminate, especially when it comes to age. For seniors, art therapy provides vast benefits across the board.


Art therapy offers a creative outlet for both expression and communication. Research shows that when art is created in a group setting, it improves socialization for older adults.

Art classes offer the opportunity to develop and maintain friendships, potentially eradicating depression, which commonly plagues seniors.


In addition to social benefits, art therapy also provides numerous mental benefits. Studies show that creating art is monumental in reducing stress. Working on an art project can often be used as meditation – a peaceful time for seniors to reflect and forget about issues.

As one ages, their attention span often declines. Art increases seniors’ ability to concentrate on a specific task at hand. Often older adults have little faith in their creative side, art enables them to tap into that side, ultimately developing a new or renewed self-confidence.


Making art can be both extremely rewarding and fun for your aging loved one. It can provide the necessary social interactions and brains stimulation to reduce stress and depression.

Even if your loved one doesn’t become the next Picasso, every person has the possibility to benefit from exposure to art therapy. There are various programs throughout the country that offer art classes to seniors (try your local Salivation Army or Senior Center), making it easy for your loved one to reap the benefits of art therapy!

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